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Looking for my

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to learn.

A bit about me

Hi! I'm an electrical and computer engineer working as a Software Engineer at Omnidian. 

I believe we are here to create and my life's passion is to help people harness their creativity to create and learn anything that nourishes their inner child. This is why I am founding Wana.

My curiosity and love for learning has also allowed me to develop a unique and diverse skillset. This curiousity has also taught me how to learn new skills quickly, ask questions, and approach problems. I want to share this skillset by building a world in which everyone has the confidence and ability to live their passions.

Favorite Project

at the moment

Olin Rocketry's Battery Management System

Currently designing our very first battery management system for our L3 rocket. My favorite part has been learning to apply existing electrical and computer engineering skills to a new field!
The battery pack is split into 2 independent groups that are in parallel. Each group contains 3 cells that are in series. There are many factors that determine a good battery management system. We are choosing to focus on safety faults, passive cell balancing, and cell health monitoring. 

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